Sorayya Designs: Turkish Hijab Style

One of my blogging friends introduced me to Sorayya Designs, an online Muslimah clothing shop specialized in Turkish designs; And the owner has kindly given me permission to feature their clothing line's photos here.

So, I went to Sorayya Designs' site and found these gorgeous looks on their site. I'm really in love with these outfits :)


Unfortunately, there are no descriptions about these clothing pieces and how much the prices are on the site.

This is a picture of the outfit above with a headscarf:

More designs from Sorayya Designs:

Wide legged pants
Super wide legged pants

I think they are so elegant and sophisticated. What do you think?

My favorite part of their clothing line is Long Skirts. They have fabulous and unique long skirts. Love them... :)

Armine military skirtBlue denim fishtail maxiLily Whyt peach skirtBlack print crinkle skirtBlue silk maxi skirtPink silk maxi skirt

Visit Sorayya Designs' site or Sorayya Designs' facebook page if you'd like to check out more of their clothing range and the details about it, and go to their facebook's album to see their shiny satin hijabs collection :) 

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  1. Ohhhh, thank you kindly! Great blog!:))

  2. Salamo Aalikom! I love Sorayya's designs! Very,very elegant mashaa Allah :)
    I loved the skirts the most!lol..specially number 1,2,3 and 5 thought the designs were really different and very creative. JAK for posting them and good luck to Sorayya :)

  3. Thanks again for posting my pictures on your blog! :)
    Great clothes, amazing!!
    & you are right, fatima from is my twinsister haha ;D

    xoxo Khadija

  4. Love some of these designs. I would totally wear some of them. :)

  5. Gosh, thanks for all this style inspiration!
    And thank you--I'm flattered that you like my blog, and even more flattered you think I'm inspiring!
    Yes, you are sooo welcome to use my pictures!
    Eeee, this is so exciting! :D

  6. waw what a classy look :D like this <3


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