Top Ways to Drape Your Hijab This Season by Rabia Z

Dubai-based fashion designer, Rabia Z, share her top styles to drape hijab this season to the Gulf News.
Read the article here, with the accompanying video tutorial here.

What do you think of these hijab styles from Rabia?

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  1. some nice styles to try out...the hood one reminds me alot of amenas hoojabs. thank you for sharing the article =)

  2. Salaam :)

    I'd definitely tone down the bump at the back of the hijabs -- a little bit of volume is fine, but I don't like it when it's too big like that.

    On the specific hijabs:

    Colourful silk shayla: Love it, especially the colours. Would tone down the poof, though.

    Purple jersey shayla: Very nice and feminine.

    Hoodie hijab: Too "Little House on the Prairie". Might suit someone else, but not me.

    Cowl-neck shayla: Beautiful style. I'd use different colours, but I love the look of cowl-necked hijabs.

    Gather-top shayla: Lovely shayla, but I'd wrap it differently.

    As for the accessories: The flower pin is bit too big, but a small one would be cute. The plastic hair band is beautiful. I like the bandana styles, although I prefer silk -- even if it's "last season", I still love it.

    Oh, and the scarf the designer is wearing is really pretty. Gorgeous colours. :) Overall, her designs are quite lovely.


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