'Buff' Headgear

Multifunction headwear for hijabi

I came across pictures of 'buff' in one of sport magazines, and I think "Wow, this is cool! It's very useful for hijabi like us". It can cover your hair, neck, half of your face, and it can be used as headband/underscarf, or use it to tie your hair.

Buff is a multifunctional tubular headwear, that mostly wore by male or female bikers as a functional accessories to accompany their biking activities. But this headwear can also be wore for many sport activities.

Some of you perhaps already know about this headwear. I was amused by the fact that it resembles Amirah Hijab and by its multifunction. And I think it would make a good headband or sport hijab... ^_^.

According to kitshack.com,
Original Buff® keeps you warm in the cold, wick-moisture and keeps you cool when it’s hot. The lightweight,breathable, moisture wicking fabric is wind resistant and extremely comfortable to wear. Material: 100% Polyester Microfibre. Seam Free: No irritating seams or hems.

Buff also comes in great variety; there's a buff that formulated for UV protection, wind block, repels insects, and buff for Winter; in all sorts of colors, prints, and lengths.

How to wear a Buff

(Photos via Google Images)
Here's a link on "How to wear a buff".

What do you think of 'buff'? Isn't it cool?

I want one! :)

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