Elegant Abaya by Amal Murad

From Fall Winter 2010-2011 Collection

Amal Murad is a fashion abaya designer from Dubai, UAE. She launched her fashion abaya collection under the REDAA brand name. For this Fall-Winter, there are some gorgeous abaya in their collection.

And here's Redaa abaya I love from Amal Murad's abayas collection:

(Photo: Courtesy of Amal Murad)

So beautiful and sophisticated. Simple but in a perfect construction.

And I love how accessories were added. A good choice... a beautiful belt matched with the bag, and a pair of 'bling-bling' shoes. I think this abaya would be perfect for your 'Red Carpet' moment... :)

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  1. Beautiful. It reminds me of the ancient Roman togas.

  2. Indeed it is an amazing abaya- very elegant yet modest still. You keep a great blog! We hope you can connect with us on our blog and share your views on our posts in the comments :)


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