Hijab Tutorial: My Simple Square-Scarf Style

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Not like the conventional square-hijab wrap that fold the square-hijab diagonally into triangle shape, this style need to fold the square-hijab into half (rectangle shape). This style is very easy and quick to do, and I love how the scarf drape in the front. It also adds more cover-ups to the bossom area.

Here's the step by step:
1. Fold the square scarf into half (rectangle shape).
2. Put the scarf (that has been folded) on your head with one side of the scarf is longer than another side, and pin it below your chin.
3. Take the edge of the longer side of the scarf, then pull it over your head. Then pin the upper end-tip of the scarf on the top of your head (not too high) with a brooch or any other hijab accessories.

Very simple, right?

This hijab wrap will look like this:

From the back:

Bring the flowing part (of the scarf) at the back to the front, like I used to.

Or, let it be like that, but if you do this, it'd be better to take a bit part of the scarf from the back and pin it on your shoulder to make sure your neck doesn't show up (especially if you wear clothes with low neckline).

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  1. sepertinya mudah, tapi kurang jelas kak tutorialnya..


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