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Remember my previous post about my waiting for a giveaway that I won from (an online Canadian Fashion Boutique)?

Yes, I have received it! I received the parcel on September 30, 2010. It's a very long awaiting. The parcel has been sent from Mississauga, ON Canada, on August 11, 2010. So It took almost two months for the parcel to arrive at the post office near my place! Then, I took it myself at the post office. This is a short story about it:

At the first time I went to the post office and found that my parcel haven't arrived yet, the post office's officer
asked me the delivery number of the parcel, so they can trace the parcel. But, I can't give it to them. I said I didn't have that number and I will ask about it to the parcel's sender.

On the next day I asked Neelam from iLoveModesty about it. She said there's no delivery number on the receipt, and the post office in Canada didn't have it too. So, Neelam sent me the copy of the delivery receipt. I brought the copy of the receipt to the post office here, and they told me to wait. They will call me when the parcel has arrived. So I didn't have to go there over and over again just to check whether my parcel has arrived or not.

The post office's officer said to me that the parcel perhaps already arrived in Indonesia but it must go through the Customs' procedur first (open, check the content, and then wrap it again; we even also have to pay the cost to wrap the parcel again) before it sent to the post office here. The delayed perhaps because it get stucked in this procedur.

Hmmm... but I think it shouldn't take so much time. The Customs and the post offices here should improve their service. But Neelam said maybe a case like this didn't happen very often. Perhaps it's just my unlucky day... :)

Now, back to the dress I got from iLoveModesty!

First thing, this is a very late review. Over the last few days, I didn't have time to take pictures of the gown. And here's the review... ^_^:

(Photos above: courtesy of iLoveModesty)

The dress, called Mahi Gown, arrived bubble-wrapped and in the customary brown envelope. Inside the envelope, the dress was wrapped with a red paper and a sticker with iLoveModesty's name and address on it.

First Impression: How does it look and feel on?
IT LOOKS SOOO LOVELY... and looks exactly the same with the picture on iLoveModesty's website.

I love the colors and the color combination of this dress: pink, purple, white, and silver. The flower embroidery looks beautiful. I also love the two colour tiered skirt at the bottom overlay with an embroidered net lace.

It feels so comfortable to wear. It's not heavy, soft, and not heat inducing.

What is the material like?
The embroidered net line is like the lace or 'brocade' fabrics that we have here, in Indonesia. In Indonesia there are a wide range of net lace like this. It's BEAUTIFUL. The silver threads on embroidered flowers also add a beautiful effect on that dress.

The silk materials feels so soft and light. Overall, the dress is off good quality workmanship. According to the website, the material of the dress are silk, rayon, and net, and it needs hand wash or dry-clean only.

The fit-nes on my body:
The dress fit perfectly on my body. It drapes beautifully and modestly. But the length of the dress is too long for me, even when I added a pair of high heels.

I think this can happen because I didn't sent them my height and they also didn't ask me for it. I just looked up at the size chart of body measurement on iLoveModesty's site. There are only size chart for bust, waist, and hip, not include the height. So, according to that chart, I sent them the measurement of my bust, waist, and hip only, and that means that my measurement fall on size S.

Perhaps that's why the dress is too long for me. Now I must do some 'make over' at the bottom of the dress.

The dress available in short sleeves and long sleeves (on request). I got the short sleeves' one. This versatile embroidered-net dress, just like a lace dress, is more suited to be wore to very dressy occasions. According to the website, this gown is meant to be a Summer-style party dress.

It could be wear with a white, red maroon, or pink blazer, paired with a pink/maroon 'big flower' belt. Or, wear it with a white long-sleeves tee inside.

And one more thing, there's no zipper at the back or side of the dress. You should wear it from the bottom's side of the dress. For me, I like this. Note, if you order this dress in a 'fit-size', or if you have a wide shoulder, or if the size of your bust is much bigger than your waist's size, there's a possibility that the dress can not slide down smoothly on your body, or even it can't slide down on your body at all.

What are the cons?
  • There are a few very tiny not so good stitching at the bottom of this gown. But they're very very tiny which is not obvious... :)
  • About the price, for me, who live in Indonesia, it's a bit expensive. Note that to determine the price (whether it's expensive or not) depends on where country do we live in and our financial ability... :)
    Any other thoughts?
    Overall, I LOVE THIS GOWN! It's so gorgeous and comfort to wear.

    One thing that need more attention is for clothing orders. The website should ask about the height of the 'Wear-er'.

    The service is excellent! Neelam kindly gave her attention on whether I've got my parcel or not. She even told me that if the parcel has lost, she would sent me another one... :) Thank you so much, Neelam.

    Would you recommend this gown?
    YES, DEFINITELY! It's gorgeous and I feel so beautiful and elegant in it... :)

    Have you tried any of iLoveModesty products? What do you think?

    I get this FREE, a gift courtesy of iLoveModesty from a competition I entered. The review is just my honest opinion. Hope it would be helpful for those who need it... :)

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    1. Subhanallah, the dress suits you well..
      You look great in it!
      Lucky you :)

    2. Wow! What a lovely dress. We should appreciate and encourage such companies and those companies should continue to improve their products.

    3. lucky you to get such a lovely dress for free..!!
      tapi kynya harganya agak kemahalan y..

    4. I am a regular customer of more than a year. I bought many tops from them. I love their designs and I never experience the sewing problem but I agree they do need to work on their size chart.

    5. @dsy: Thx. Iya, menurutku jg harganya agak mahal ya...

      @Anon: Thank you for sharing your experience, Anonymous. The sewing problem I had is not too serious ;) Like I said, it's just a bit un-neat and it's not obvious.


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