Sneak a Peek: Friniggi Sportswear's First Designs

Fatima from Friniggi Sportswear, a new sportswear shop for Muslim women, emailed me about their first collection. The designs are in progress and she'd like to give us sneak-a-peek about Friniggi's first collection and would love to hear your feedback.

Here are the sketches. Remember that these designs fall under the copyright of FRINIGGI SPORTSWEAR.

Black and white sketch:

Colour Sketch:
(Pictures: Courtesy of FRINIGGI Sportswear)

According to Fatima,
"Friniggi focuses on developing a simple concept, fusing Islamic modesty, modern design and athletic performance. 
The designs are made to be versatile garments that can be easily to be matched with any sportswear you may already have. The tops are long-sleeved and knee-length tops that can be worn over any track pants in your wardrobe, and no need to worry whether those pair of pants are too tight, because the tops cover everything.
Some items come with a matching hijab, but the design sketches above do not include the hijabs, and the colours schemes are just for illustrative purposes."
The designs look comfortable enough. I just want to add my opinion that I think it would be better if the tops' length is a bit above the knees, so it won't disturb/block our movement in sport activities and we can move more freely.

What do you think of Friniggi's sportswear designs? Love it? Hate it? Do you have any suggestions?

What kind of sportswear do you wish to have?

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring friniggi sportswear for Muslim women!

    Wishing you peace and blessings



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