Style Tips from Asma of Haute Muslimah

One of blogs I love is Asma's blog, titled Haute Muslimah. I love most of picked-up styles she put on her blog, from celeb's or runway Haute Couture... very inspiring and fabulous. Recently, Asma sent me her top tips in style that she'd like to share to all Fashioning Faith's readers. She also gave a bit words on what Haute Muslimah is all about.

According to Asma,
"At Haute Muslimah, Muslim women can find ideas on how to wear clothes, where to buy them, and how to put them together. It's a place to find trends, and items you see on the runway and in high fashion, and how to incorporate those pieces of clothing into their Islamic lives."
So, visit Haute Muslimah to check out more 'haute' on Muslimah style! :)

And here are a few style tips from Asma:

-Keep your look as simple as you can.
You want to look unfussy. Many hijabis just layer and layer so many clothes together that it loses any sense of style or elegance. Try to keep layering to a minimum, unless it's winter :)
-Be creative with hijabs and the way you wear them. Use hijab pins and bands around your hijab to pull your look together.
-You don't have to be matchy matchy with everything in your closet. Your shoes, belt, bag, and hijab do not have to all match. Try wearing colors that compliment each other well.
-My personal favorite: Keep a variety of cardigans in your closet for all occasions. Simple ones, fancy ones, light and heavier ones as well. They'll come in handy as a cute cover-up.

Want to share your style tips too? Just send in your advice and tips, photos, or anything to do with Muslimah style that inspires you to:
Hope it would be helpful for other Muslimahs! :)

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