Style Crush: Yuna Zarai from Malaysia

Stylish in skirts and shawls

Some of you perhaps already knew Yuna Zarai because of her popularity as a singer and song-writer in Malaysia.

Her style is one of the most fabulous style I know. My favorites from Yuna's style are when she dressing up in long skirts and the way she wrapped her headscarf with the addition of shawls or scarves, wrapped around in loose style... which make a stylish impression to her hijab style.
(Photo credit: EH! Magazine)

(Photo: courtesy of Yuna)
(Photo by Ahmad Faris)
And... she definitely pays much attention to the shoes option to complete her outfit...

Yuna's shoes style

To see more style from Yuna, you can visit her lookbook on or check her blog on Tumblr.

I also love Yuna's style below when she attended and received SHOUT! Awards 2010 in Malaysia recently. Uber cool...

(Photo credit: Adrian of Transatlanticism)

What do you think of Yuna's style?




  1. Love the way she wears her hijab! Yuna is definitely an style icon

  2. I like the way she puts the hiyab! and her shoes! and her clothes! all the things1 =)

  3. she really beautiful with the dress..thank u for sharing :)

  4. i love her style ! wannabe like her :)

  5. she is really OUR BOASTFUL FASHION IDOL!! imma big fan too.. =))) YUNA is always the best!!

  6. Such a nice post. Good to see so many fashion bloggers coming up with amazing designs.


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