Donna Karan Pre Fall 2011, and a Hijab Tutorial: Winter Style

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Fall and Winter always come with a more modest style, as a way to prevent the cold, which is perfect for hijabis. Runway fashion also filled in with full of chic, edgy, and more modest style.

Here's a collection from Donna Karan Pre-Fall 2011 that are so covetous. I love the earthy yet urban palette, the long flowy silhouette, the luscious fabrics, and how the belts are twisted.

(Photos: Robert Mitra of, via Mahryska's Daily)

And inspired by this look,

Donna Karan Pre-Fall 2011

I made a hijab tutorial on wrapping hijab for WINTER STYLE, which perhaps for some of you this is not too innovative... hehe... I've been seeing this wrapping style so many times, but without pulling the scarf/shawl up onto the head (to cover the head). Usually it's only be a neck scarfing.

So I want to show you how it looks when you wrap this style as a hijab. There's no pins needed.

1. All you need is just a "not slippery and stiffer fabric" pashmina/long scarf.

2. Fold it into half (rectangle shape).

3. After you fold it, place the long scarf/pashmina half way over your head.
Don't forget to wear an inner scarf/headband beforehand, to make sure your hair doesn't show up.

Then, follow this "step-by-step" instruction below:

Lastly, adjust and neat up the hijab wrapping... :)

Voila... you're ready to go. Have a wonderful Winter!

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  1. inspiring! thanks for the tute :)

    btw I've an award for u..


  2. Thanx for sharing!
    great inspiration


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