Hijab Tutorial: My Simple Square-Scarf Style (2)

This post is a continuation of my previous post about how I wrap my hijab in simple style using my square scarf.

From the feedback I got, some people thought that my tutorial is rather hard to be understood because of the lack of the pictures. I'm sorry for that. That issue had crossed my mind before I published the tutorial, but I thought I had made a clear explanation on the tutorial, which in reality, some people think it's still hard to imagine without pictures.

I'm sorry, my lovely Readers. Here, I made some pictures that explain how to wrap the square scarf. Hope it would help and you love the style! :)

I will re-write the step by step on how to wrap the scarf:

1. Fold the square scarf into half (rectangle shape).
2. Put the scarf (that has been folded) on your head with one side of the scarf is longer than another side, and pin it below your chin.

3. Take the edge of the longer side of the scarf, then pull it over your head. Then pin the upper end-tip of the scarf on the top of your head (not too high) with a brooch or any other hijab accessories.

The hijab wrap will look like this:

It's simple, right? Is this something you'd like to try?

You can see me wearing this style here.




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