Shayla Wrap Tutorial inspired by Amal Murad

The Sewist on YouTube published an easy shayla style tutorial inspired by clothing line of Amal Murad, a Fashion Abaya Designer from Dubai, UAE.

Amal Murad's collection
(Photo courtesy of Amal Murad)

If you have a long scarf or pashmina with some embroideries or embellishments at its end, you can wrap it like this (shown in the video) to show up the beautiful edge of the scarf on your forehead, as opposed to the side as traditionally worn, especially if the embroidery or the embellishment is matching with your clothes.

Thank you to Mayya, The Sewist, for making this tutorial :) You can also subscribe for more of her videos here on YouTube.

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  1. makasih kak buat infonya, suka sekali liat orang membagi cara berkerudung hehehe

  2. I have one abaya by amal murad
    love her work, thanx for sharing :)

  3. I just saw this, thank you for sharing my video and Amal Murad is such an inspiration

  4. this article is interesting and could add new insights, have a nice day


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