'A Passion for Fashion': An Interview

Emirati Abaya Designer, Amal Murad, talks about fashion, abayas, and this year's style on The Gulf Today, January 21, 2011.


What is the inspiration behind your designs?
My main inspiration is our tradition and heritage which I combined with contemporary fashion where I choose only what is suitable for my designs.

Any lines coming up this year? Conceptual sculpture adopts wearable forms that reflect women’s modern lifestyles.

What is your style for 2011? Loose fitting abayas. Creating a luxury retreat, aesthetic in silky jersey qualities and creating maximum drape & exaggerated unstructured silhouettes.

What’s your style tip this year, what’s going to be in?

Want to know the answer and more from Amal Murad? Read the rest of the interview here.

(Photos via I Love Hishma)

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