Rabia Z on a film 'The Veiled Threat'

Rabia Zargarpur, a Dubai-based Muslim fashion designer, better known as Rabia Z. (the name of her clothing label), a while ago was filming her concern on some people's thoughts: that hijab is a threat.

And here's a flash of the film:

"Questioning the servitude of forced veiling or unveiling in shared spaces, Rabia Z, an Arab, Afghani American Muslim takes on a journey across six nations, hotbeds of the veiling controversy - France, Afghanistan, Pakistan, USA, UK and UAE - to find a solution. Stirring dialogue with everyday people, religious scholars, policy makers and press, trying to understand both sides of the argument; her meetings with other Muslim women - like Jana of Hijab Style blog / Sarah Elenany / Funny Girls - all working towards building cultural bridges reveals heartwarming stories of women affecting change."

Out of the topic, I love to watch Rabia Z's Hijab Style and all her designs in this film... ;)

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