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Recently, my friend blogger, Dina Faoziah (her blog is told me about Dina Torkia a.ka Dina Toki-O. Hehe... they both have the same name... what a coincidence! :)

Dina Faoziah gave me a link to Dina Toki-O's LookBook.

I straightly fell in love with Dina Toki-O's style... It's so refreshing and inspiring!

I love the structures of the clothes and how she mix and match pieces. Even some pieces of clothes in these shots are her own designs.

According to the interview done by The Modesty Movement in November 2010, Dina Torkia was born in Cairo City 21 years ago. Her ethnicity is white African/mixed race white British/Egyptian.
Dina also said that she has been designing her own clothing line, and is about to launch her collection and open a boutique or two this year, 2011.

You can read her full interview with The Modesty Movement here. 
Wish I have a chance to interview her by myself... ;)

Recently, on February 12, 2011, she held a Global Extravaganza Fashion Show in City Hall, Cardiff, showcasing her designs. Photos of the Fashion Show are on her Facebook page.

Style notes:

1. Try to do the 'Dina Toki-O signature hijab style - volumized hijab wrap -. Check out the tutorial on one of the way she did it here, on her Facebook page.

2. Big earrings, a big ring, and lots of bracelets :)


3. Black leather gloves... in a day in a cold weather...

4.Create your own trends and style, just like Dina does. "I set the trend, I don't follow it" (Dina Toki-O).

What do you think of Dina Toki-O's style?
Check also another Dina's tutorial on styling up a square scarf.. click here to watch.

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  1. Assalaam waliekum.
    I have one question.
    Can you do prayer in that type of hijab?
    I like some aspects of her outfits like her shoes or jackets, yet the look seems very impractical as a whole.
    The thing that I don't get is that some of these Muslim fashionistas can put tons of energy/money into layering&matching their stuff but they can't put the same into finding something that's simple and practical.

  2. Oh! her look is aweson, I like it to much, and I like a lot how she volumized her hijab!

  3. Oh yeah! Dina rocks! DINAs are cool! (just kidding)

    Her style is fun and eclectic. It was the coolest thing I found in 2010--so fresh!


  4. nice to find your blog, so proud of being a wearing hijab girl;) visit my blog -->

    love, Nada <3

  5. Salam all beautiful clothes but most of it NOT fit what Allah told toward women clothes, which 1should be wide n 2d not be attractive n these are all up totally different from what we knw from quran n prophet, s.a.w. If any of u girls can imagine ayesha or hadija in style like that going out CAN someone?! its impossible this clothes of hell fire. or for home:)

  6. who follow west u know where they will entre, and who follow prophet s.a.w. they will entre jannah and this Allah promis us. May Allah keep iman in our hearts n let us all follow the right path, ameen.

  7. My favorite outfit is the cream/green Kaftan.

  8. where do i buy your dresses from ????

  9. Great post - I love her style, I might not necessarily wear it myself but she always gives me ideas or a new twist on an old classic! thanks for sharing and have a great week!

  10. You're welcome.. Thank you for stopping by, Sarita :) I love Dina too for her inspiring style..


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