Indonesian Hijab Style in Ina Rovi's Video Clip

Beautiful song by Ina Rovita, an Indonesian singer.

After her first single "Terimalah Taubatku", now Ina Rovi is coming to release her second single "Pelangi Hati", featuring stylish girls from Hijabers Community.

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  1. Salamz- I love this video, the clothes are stunningly gorgeous- and all Islamically correct! But I can't find out who the designer is- I think they got some help from Shabby Chic, but it's unclear? Any ideas?

  2. Salaam, Halima.

    I'm sorry for the late respond.

    As long as I know, the designer is Ria Miranda, and the clothes are from 'Shabby Chic'(her clothing line's name). This video clip is Shabby Chic's project for Ina Rovi, the singer.

    I really love this video too, and all of the girls' style in this video... the smile.. the cheers. They are so gorgeous! :)


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