Beyond Fashion

... is the title of an article on VOGUE about BARAKA WOMEN - a clothing line specifically in the cutting-edge maxi clothes, that based in Australia.

I agree with that line..

For us, as a hijabi, 'Fashion' is not only about clothes and creativity or an attempt to look nice and proper.. ^_^ , but we have our 'FAITH' in it... we believe it has rules to follow. We believe the Islamic rules of modesty is our guidelines in life and it's a sign of Alloh's Love to us...

So, we doing 'fashion' with heart full of peace, calmness and happiness, because we believe on what we do... and each of us are trying our best to fulfil it (the Islam's mandate for modesty).

For us, it's truly BEYOND FASHION...

Get Featured on VOGUE

In the world of Fashion, Muslim Fashion slowly had places. People are starting to 'notice', and even adore, the elegance and beauty of hijab and covered style.

Back on April 8th, 2009, VOGUE.COM published Jana of Hijab Style's article. Jana reported back for VOGUE about the Arabian Fashion World event she attended in London. One of the designers that showcased his/her designs was Rabia Z, the amazing hijab fashion designer from UAE.

Jana and her style blog, also Rabia with her clothing line that geared towards Muslim women, had been starting to get more attention in the fashion world by their feature on VOGUE.COM.

I'm so proud of Jana and love the article she wrote for VOGUE; And Rabia Z, with her urban-chic collection, had brought up the Islamic chic-elegance to the International world... :)


Now, it's the turn of Kath Fry and Eisha Saleh, the Brains behind BARAKA (means: 'Blessing' in Arabic) WOMEN . They were featured in VOGUE MAGAZINE AUSTRALIA on November 2010.

Here's the image of the article from VOGUE Magazine that Kath sent to me:

(Click once, and then click once again, at the image above to read it in a larger view).

I'm so proud of them too... :)

BARAKA try to fuse the Western Style into Islamic dress code. We already see how the Eastern Style fuse in Islamic rules of modesty, now it's time to see the Western Style go hand in hand with the rules.
There is a need for Islamic clothes that meet religious guidelines of modesty but that are flexible enough to cope with our busy and Western integrated lives.

Part of what makes BARAKA clothing line beautiful is their fusion of Western and Islamic styling.  They are flattering, fashionable and feminine but also simple.
said Eisha, co-founder of BARAKA in exclusive interview on Hijab Trendz, June 15, 2009.

I love the simplicity of Baraka collection and here's some of them that I love:

(Photos: courtesy of Baraka Women)

For more information about BARAKA's new collection, visit

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  1. I am sooo very happy muslimah fashion is making it mainstream. When we dress modestly, wear the hijab, and do it with style and flare, we are not just working our style, we are representing Allah, and Islam. I hope that we (muslimahs)serve as an example to other women that they do not have to sell their souls for the sake of sexuality and fashion.


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