Hijab-Friendly Looks from The Streethearts

Here is a summary of The Streethearts' Hijab-friendly Looks from September 2010 - March 2011.


LIVE; Posted September 30th, 2010
Photos by Eirik Slyngstad in

Really want the shoes like this, only not in wedges but in heels.. :)

Style note: A plain blouse, long skirt, a well-tailored blazer, gold cuffs, and not to forget, John Lennon glasses and a hat.


SUSIE; Posted October 7th, 2010
Photos by Eirik Slyngstad in

Susie of StyleBubble never cease to look good in her layered outfits. Here in line for the Hannah Marshall show at LFW.

Style note: Try to mix or layer different fabrics, colors, and prints, in a sophisticated fashion, like Susie did.

ALEXANDRA; Posted October 26th, 2010
Photos by Eirik Slyngstad in

A refreshing natural look and casual outfit from Alexandra.


STEFFIE; Posted November 13th, 2010
Photos by Eirik Slyngstad in

All-black look with yellow headpiece as the center of attention.

Style note: For a hijab-ready look, change the headpiece with a yellow headscarf... ^_^


MARIA; Posted November 26th, 2010
Photos by Eirik Slyngstad in

Great vintage Winter coat! I love the color of it.


BACKDROP; Posted January 31st, 2011
Photos by Eirik Slyngstad in

Observation made during London Fashion Week.

Stunning! Really love this maxi dress. A black velvet maxi dress, fulled of textures, with a dark-brown drop at the lower back. An abaya twist??

All you have to do is put the hijab on..

ANN CATHERINE; Posted March 6th, 2011
Photos by Eirik Slyngstad in

Style note: Two tones blazer matched with small white-dots print, black gloves, and a khaki pashmina.

A classy style..

SUSIE'S COLORS; Posted March 13th, 2011
Photos by Eirik Slyngstad in

All of a sudden pinks reds and oranges seem to work so well together. I love her sweater hand-painted with pink, not to mention the elaborate orange collar.

Never thought that red will get along well together with fuschia pink, especially with a little color pop of 'pumpkin' yellow. Only Susie the one who can pull out this color mix! Her style is so unique.

LONG PEACH; Posted March 25th, 2011
Photos by Eirik Slyngstad in

My favorite... a well-tailored long peach coat. Never go wrong...

You can see the summary of The Streethearts' Hijab-friendly Looks, March 2009 - April 2010 edition here.

(Photo credits: The Streethearts)

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