'Western' Style


Dian Pelangi, Dina Toki-O, and Hana Tajima...

All of them are fashion designers with clothing lines geared towards Muslim women.  
Dian is from Indonesia, Dina and Hana are from the UK.

Surely because they all are a fashion designer, they really have a BOLD style... their own signature style, and an amazing 'fashion skills' to create fabulous looks.

In pictures below, they showed the fusion of Islamic modesty into the Western style:

Look 1:
(Photo: courtesy of Dian Pelangi)

Dian in London with her 'Jackie O Kennedy' style, paired with a classic Chanel bag.

(Jackie O's images: google.com)

Style Notes:
Instead of wearing a 3/4 sleeves-length top and a knee-length skirt, Dian wore a long sleeves blazer-like top and a long skirt. Also she wore a headscarf with fur embellishment and a scarf/shawl wrapped around her neck. And, not to forget, a big sunglasses.

Look 2:
(Photo: courtesy of Dian Pelangi)

Dian in style of a tap dancer: a tuxedo jacket, tie, hat, and even a stick... :) 
Love the mix of the prints (squares pattern mixed with stripes), and the colors..

Tap dancer's costume:


(Photo: courtesy of Dina Toki-O)

Dina with a fur snood around her neck. I love her outfits, especially on how she wrap her headscarf and the addition of bracelets and a big ring.

Scarf is from: h&m
The fur snood (not actual fur): h&m
Top: Mango
Skirt: Dina's own design

The combo between the fur and the way the headscarf was wrapped gives a sense of "western".

Harrison Fisher Lady in fur Head scarf Cosmo magazine Cover print (Image1)
(Image: victoriangraceart)
(Images: Chanel, Fashionising)


(Photos: courtesy of Hana Tajima of StyleCovered)

Hana's looks in a "western" hat, fur vest, and denim jacket. Great fusion! Modest, flair and gorgeous... She's definitely one of my style icons!

Here's their social site if you'd like to know them more:
Dian Pelangi's twitter: @dianpelangi
Hana Tajima's twitter: @hana_tajima
Dina Toki-O's facebook page

What do you think of all of these looks?




  1. They all have original style, but my fav is Dina Toki-o

  2. Wa alaikumsalam warahmatullahi wa barakatuh.
    hi :) i'm Indonesian, that Dian Pelangi(means Rainbow) seems really cool. i've been obsessing on jackets, sweaters and long sleeved clothing. seems like i found the right blog. thx for posting. am Following :)

  3. All the looks are amazing Mashallah. very inspirational, I must try!

  4. Assalamu'alaikum^^ it's so nice to know that muslim women nowadays are very stylish with their hijab. before I use hijab I like vintage and monochrome style and then I saw Hana Tajima with her unique style, it seemed I found my same-line style with her. now she's one of my most fave fashion stylist


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