Another Hijab Style by Dina Toki-O Using Square Scarf

How to Wear a Square Hijab! by Dina Toki-O
Two Ways:

I have tried both styles taught in this video, and I'm in love with the first one. I even modify the first style a bit and.... voila! Got a new style that I really love! I think I'm gonna use this hijab wrap often.. :)

InshaAllah soon I will make a tutorial about it, plus another my favorite hijab style using square scarf.

For Dina, thank you for your inspiring tutorial.. :)

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  1. Thanks for sharing, but i appreciate if you can tell me where to buy the inside with hairband and hair at the back to make your head looks more, I am currently stay in Indonesia, please tell me if you have idea how to order, thanks a lot, may Allah bless u always! salam Nino, email :

  2. I like hijab bonnet in this tutorial, with the hill on top of your back head, please let me know how to purchase?

  3. dear Nino,
    Sorry for my late response.. :)

    If you live in Indonesia, you can buy this kind of inner/hijab bonnet in many hijab stores here. In Yogyakarta, you can buy it at Karita Muslim Square.

    Some online hijab shops on facebook also sell this kind of inner, such as: fairuzz jamiela (


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