Hijab Styling Tutorials by Scarf SweetHoney

Readers' Contribution

The beautiful Nadia and Bieyha of Scarf SweetHoney would like to share their Hijab Styling with all lovely Fashioning Faith's readers.

I absolutely love these hijab styles. They are awesome and so refreshing!

Many thanks to Nadia and Bieyha for sharing! :)

(Images: Courtesy of Nadia and Bieyha of Scarf SweetHoney)

Wait for their Hot Mama Style next week and... (pssst... here's a sneak peek) a great Giveaway Competition supported by their Hijab Shop, Scarf SweetHoney. There will be THREE lucky winners!

So, stay tuned Lovelies! :)

[UPDATE: The giveaway competition has been CLOSED]

More on hijab tutorials? Pick them here.

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  1. the third one is amazing! it's easy on the eye, good combination of colours and designs . beautiful!

  2. They are all beautiful! I typically like those that have a fun pattern to it.

  3. thanks for provide this tutorial..... it's really easy to try

  4. You're welcome.. :)

  5. Very nice... Very esay... :)


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