Muslimah Bridal Fashion Show

by the Students of 'Rias dan Busana', Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta (UNY)
at Yogyakarta Fashion Lunch, April 23rd, 2011; Royal Garden Resto, Yogyakarta

Last week, I attended a Fashion Lunch held in Yogyakarta in regard to Kartini's Day, and watched the Fashion Show. The show was divided into two session. First the 'Kebaya' (traditional women clothing in Indonesia) Fashion Show by several designers in Yogyakarta, then continued by Muslimah Bridal Fashion Show by the students of UNY.

Here are some pictures of Bridal Fashion Show I took from the show. The make-up, clothing, headdresses styles, and hijab accessories/jewelries were influenced by Middle East and Javanese Traditional Brides.

Most of the models were modelling 'kebaya', too.

The Headdresses, Jewelries, and 'Kebaya':

View from the back:

'Middle East' Style:

Not allowed to Copy and Paste any of these pictures.
Photos: Courtesy of Rania,

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