Sneakers with Heels

I quite like sneakers.. I love heels but not really on wedges..

What about...

Kitten Heel Sneakers??

Even it be in denim..


Ash Flirt Kitten Heel Sneakers

High Heel Sneakers?

Wedge Sneakers?

Ash Gin 3 Buckle Wedge Sneakers
Ash Gin 3 Buckle Wedge Sneakers

What do you think, fab Ladies.. Love it or leave it?

(Ash Sneakers. Click here to buy.)

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  1. I kinda like the wedge sneakers :)
    I love how high heels look, but can't stand wearing them!

  2. these are cool ideas! i'm still thinking if i would really wear them ... though if i had to pick one, it would have to be the second one.

  3. I dont like Them at All, its
    Popular in Denmark too, but i just dont like the combination of sporty shoes and high heels. Its a total no-go in my opnion :)


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