Being Spotted: Sue Anna Joe's Style

How can I missed out these amazing looks ?!

Intan Suhana Juhari a.k.a Sue Anna Joe is a young mother of a baby boy from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She has many blogs which she uses as a media to express her 'multi-talents': from a photographer, the owner of design and photography studio to a mother and a house-wife... And about few months ago, she entered the college again.. as a student!

She loves to dress-up, and her style always makes me amaze. The way she wraps her hijab and mix-and-match her outfit, and her shoes, are just so awesome.. And, she looks confident in it. Her style is not a kind of girlie-thingy style with pastel colors or flowery dress. Instead, it's so much more urban and edgy.

Her style, in some ways, is similar to my fashion choice... The earthy tones and minimalist jewels... something I would wear with ease in daily life.

You definitely will also enjoy reading her blogs (like I do... ^_^  eventhough sometimes I'm a bit confused reading her personal blog, Budu dan Belacan, when she mixed English with Malaysian language.. hehe). My favorite of course her fashion blog, Count the Thread

Visit where she puts all links to her multiple pages and blogs.


Sue Anna Joe-inspired look:
Earthy tones; lace-up shoes either in boots, heels, or flats; pashmina as a hijab in a loose style, sometimes it's knotted at the end; and a pair of nerd glasses.

So, what do you think of her style?



  1. lovely.... i love this mom style... inspiring me as a mom too... ;)


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