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About one month ago I received a package from Capsters Sports Hijab. It's a giveaway for me from Capsters.

Capsters is one of the sponsors of Hijabi Fashion Week (HFW) May 2011. You must be already knew about that event from my previous posts. Capsters gave away HFW's participants a sports hijab of their choice to be wore in that event for category: Day 3 - Work Out Wear, and asked what the participants' thoughts about Capsters Hijab?

I've been so lucky to receive it! Thank you, Capsters! :)

I chose Capsters Sports Hijab type 'Runner', colour black.

It came in a nice big envelope with Capsters' logo and address printed on it. When I opened the package, my 'Runner Capsters' was carefully presented in a good thick zipped plastic bag, again with Capsters' logo on it, along with capsters brosur consisted of pictures of variety type of Capsters Hijab.

First Impression:
I directly fall in love with the materials. It feels soft, cool, breathable, and smelt nice.. :) The design look perfect for sports. It's a kind of instant or slip-on hijab. The way to wear it is: you simply pull it over your head, then slide it down.. Ready! No pin, no knot, no tie.

I'm so thrilled with pleasure receiving this capsters and can't wait to try it for working out!

The look and how it felt when it is wore:
'Runner' Sports Hijab felt very comfortable to wear. It's very light-weight and soft. It covers my head comfortably letting me feel the air flow around my head, keeping my head cool, and letting me transpire easily just like they said on the website.

I have tried to wear it while I'm bicycling in the middle of the day (when the sunshine is very hot and in Indonesian 'humid and hot' tropical climate like this!), for about one hour. Terrific! Its breathable materials gave me a comfort like no other headscarves I have did while I'm working out. It felt like I'm not wearing anything on my head.

Here's me sporting Capsters 'Runner' on Hijabi Fashion Week May 2011 - Day 3: Work Out Wear:

It fits perfectly on my head and neck.. very simple and practical.. no flowing, hanging, or bulged materials.

Capsters 'Runner' looks similar with 'ninja' headdress which is so popular lately in Indonesia as an inner scarf.

So, if you have this type of Capsters, especially in colour black, you will get not only an excellent hijab for sports, but also a comfortable inner scarf! :)

Or, you can simply wear it just it is.

Areas that I thought need an improvement:
1). The length of Capsters 'Runner', for me, needs to be lengthened to reach upper bosom.
I have a long and thick hair, so before I put my hijab on, I tie it in a pony tail, then roll it upper the back of my neck. I roll my hair up because I don't want it peeking out from the bottom of my hijab, and I don't quite like the feeling of my hair touching my back-neck while I'm working out.

But when I put on my 'Runner' hijab, it lifted up a bit because of my "hair do", and causing my upper bosom peeking out a bit... So, for me in particular, it is not suitable to be worn with low-necklined tops.

2). Need to build some kind of space or volume inside the 'Runner' hijab to place a long/thick hair... perhaps a new design or creating a particular shape of sports hijab for those who have long and thick hair.

When I wore my 'Runner', my hair inside gave an illusion of square-shaped head... ^_^. So, as you see in the above pictures, I wore it with a wide headband or a mini scarf over it.

Or perhaps, I should tie and place my hair right on the back of my neck, not too high, while I'm wearing it, to be look like the model in Capsters' website.. :)

3). More colour choices.

The 'Runner' Sports Hijab is terrific! Very useful and helpful. It gives you full coverage without losing your comfort.

I'm so happy to have it, because I love to work out, jogging, bicycling and playing badminton with my kids, or just having fun playing with them in the sports-field.

And particularly in Indonesian tropical climate (humid and hot), the 'Runner' sports hijab as an inner scarf is perfect and gives an advantage which is you can be more creative with your hijab wrapping.. whether you want to wrap your hijab in a loose style or turban style, you don't have to worry that your hair and neck will be showed up.

Go to Capsters' website: to see more details of 'Runner' Sports Hijab and also other Capsters' fabulous type of Sports Hijab.

Some types that I love too from the site are Capsters Aerobics, Outdoor (perfect for Winter)Swim, and Easy which I think would be useful and... (this is important too) have STYLISH modern designs.. :)

UPDATE: Feedback from Capsters Team.



  1. how to order this lovely stuff!!

  2. Hi, aidarich..
    You can buy Capsters sports hijab on their site:
    They are shipping world wide.

    Just look for the item you want to buy in the site, then add it to the "shopping bag". This process will lead you to the check out / payment process.

  3. Dear Rania, we have developed the Capsters Runner Xtra Long! Hopefully next week available again (we're out of stock already) at
    Cindy, designer Capsters

  4. Thank you for your information, Cindy.. I'll share it also to my blog's readers :)

  5. Alhamdulillah, sekarang sudah ada reseller Capsters di Indonesia, boleh di follow instagramnya "capstersindonesia" dan bisa belanja di webshop nya di Tapi sekarang webshopnya masih under construction. Insyaallah 2 minggu lagi jadi. Terima kasih.

  6. Hello Mia Damaiyanti. Thank you so much for your info, Dear.
    It will be very useful for those who want to buy Capsters here, in Indonesia. I've check the site and instagram, and have followed Capsters Indonesia at instagram :)

  7. Hai Rania, thank you for your response, salam kenal :)


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