Hijabi Fashion Week: Day 1 - Work Wear

Hijabi Fashion Week is here! So here we go, Lovely Ladies!

Day 1 - Work Wear

 Outfit 1:
  • Long-sleeves, black maxi dress
  • Three quarter-sleeves, long pin-stripes blazer
  • Brown leather belt
  • A watch
  • Long necklace
  • Green rectangle scarf
  • Inner: 'ninja' headdress
  • Black thin socks
  • Black pumps

Outfit 2:
  • I replaced the long pin-stripes blazer with the three quarter-sleeves, dark-brown blazer, then added a silver big ring, and carried a notebook handbag.

[Note: Either the pictures and the clothes are dark... hihi.. and there was not enough lighting in the photoshoots, so the detail of the clothes is missing. I'm sorry.. ^^]

Assalamu'alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

Hi, Lovelies!

Welcome to my style blog, and here I am participating in Hijabi Fashion Week (HFW) May 2011.

This is an outfit for Day 1: Work Wear.

First of all, I want to make a disclaimer.. hehe.
1). I'm not a professional model and not a pro photographer either. I'm a mother of two little boys who often running and screaming around me...

On HFW's Day 1 - Work Wear, the quality of my pictures are not as good as I expected..  But, in the rest categories/days of HFW, I thought my pictures are getting better.. hehe.. So keep watching me, Lovelies!

Hope in the next HFW, I become a pro... I'll keep learning and learning!

So, why do I join HFW? The reason why I want to participate in HFW are
  • I love to dress up, mix-and-match my wardrobe pieces, and trying or creating new hijab wrappings, eventhough I can't model it well.. hehe.. and I love to photograph my outfit styling.
  • I want to connect with other Muslimah from around the world, to get to know more each other, help and inspire each other.
  • I want to help make this event bigger. I want to introduce Muslimah Hijab Style to the whole world. Make the world know that Hijabi Muslimah can look stylish and sophisticated. Make our covered style more common, friendly, and pleasant to see..
2). Actually I have prepared two pictures for each category, and I can't decide which one I want to display for HFW, because no picture is better than the other.. hehe. So I will post both of them here.

3). I don't shop a lot, so the fashion choice regarding to my wardrobe is limited. I simply mix-and-match my wardrobe pieces and accentuate my looks with different accessories each day.

4). For this HFW, I have a project for myself is to make my long-sleeves black maxi dress as a basic wardrobe that can be worn for all occasions. So, many of my style photos for HFW will be showing off the maxi dress.

Tips for today: 
Invest in timeless, classic pieces like a great trench, perfectly tailored trousers, and beautiful shoes. Construction and quality are key—aim for luxurious fabrics, neat stitching and seams, and fine craftsmanship. Once you have a solid foundation wardrobe, you can fill in the gaps with less-expensive buys and interesting accessories.
(Nina Garcia, Fashion Director at Marie Claire Magazine, and also a judge on Project Runway television series on interview with HijabTrendz).

Now, about my outfits above.
As a blogger... hihi.. my outfit for work basically is anything! Outfits in the pictures above are my "work wear" when I delivered my kids to their school, then I blogged in the waiting room while they were in school...

I took along with me my notebook bag, also a pen and a book to write anything that inspire me. I hooked the pen on my belt..

The hijab wrapping I chose was inspired by the neck scarves wrapping that often wore by people who work at the formal office.

So, enjoy my outfits, Ladies! See you tomorrow for Day 2: Formal Attire.



  1. salam sis
    loving the way you wrap the scarf it made you outstanding
    I'm waiting for next day how you wear the long-sleeves black maxi dress for all occasion

    you are beautiful sister

  2. Yes I love the way you put your hijab too, It's so beautiful! your so beautiful too hehhe, MashaALlah!



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