Hijabi Fashion Week: Day 2 - Formal Attire

May 31, 2011

Day 2 - Formal Attire

Outfit 1:
  • Short-slevees, vintage batik maxidress
  • Long-sleeves, black t-shirt underneath
  • White coral belt
  • A brown long earring, just for my left ear :)
  • A green chiffon square-scarf

Outfit 2:
  • Short-sleeves, vintage batik top and skirt
  • Long-sleeves, black t-shirt underneath
  • A scarf in gradation colours: creme to dark brown with gold threads stripes, as an inner-scarf
  • A light-green, satin square-scarf.
  • An ethnic, long necklace made of Kalimantan's natural stones, wore as bracelet
  • Small party bag
  • Flower brooch

Got these vintage batik dress and two pieces of top and skirt from my grandmother...

For me, these clothes are so beautiful and I'm really in love with the motifs: wayang/Indonesian shadow-puppet (outfit 1), birds and flowers (outfit 2). The fabrics are also very comfortable to wear!

These garments are definitely made from high-quality materials and skills (batik technique and art).. After years, they are still in a very good condition.

Tips for today: Re-wear your mom or grandmother's vintage clothes, and try to mix and match them with your 'modern' contemporary clothes. You never know whether it works or not; Or whether the combo (vintage-contemporary) will look good on you or not, unless... you try.

Don't forget for tomorrow, Day 3 - Work Out Wear!



  1. salam sister
    both look are gorgeous
    I love indonesian batik
    and I love the way you wore them
    they'r unique and beautiful
    you are beautiful in them

  2. The two dreses are so beautiful! I liek them! :D


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