Hijabi Fashion Week

Fashion Week...

What crossed your mind when you hear the word "Fashion Week"??

"High fashion.. Famous designers.. Runways.. Super models..."

But those things do not apply to HFW (Hijabi Fashion Week).

It's not always about high fashion and pictures full of super models on the runways..

Here, in HFW, we basically share our hijab styles, our creativity and skills in term of Fashion: on how to mix-and-match clothes, make a 'not suitable for hijab' clothes become a hijab-ready outfit, showing our own signature hijab style and new ways in wrapping headscarf, etc.; and hoping from that event we can inspire and learn from each other.

HFW will be showcasing real life Muslim women, whether they are a fashionista or not, wearing designers' clothes or not, a professional model or not, take their picture on the runways or just in the comfort of their own bedrooms, by professional photographer or by their own... ^_^

On this May 2011 Hijabi Fashion Week, any and every-Muslim women are invited and can participate..

For now, just sit back, relax and enjoy watching our special guest for the upcoming HFW, a fashionista and designer, Dina Tokio-O. She will be showing off her outfits style, from work wear to weekend wear and many more in between this May.

Is that video make you excited?! So get up, Ladies! Check your wardrobe, come up with any great ideas you got in mind for your outfits, take your camera, and show to the world your unique style!

Join with all Muslim women around the world and get inspired from each other!

Learn on how to participate here: LoveHFW.com and click 'attending' on Love HFW Facebook's event.

There will be lots of giveaways too during that event! See the list of HFW fabulous sponsors on LoveHFW's site and banner.

InshaAllah I will be participating, too... :)

Keep an eye out, Ladies!



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