Modern Hijabs

Hijab Trends in Indonesia, especially Jakarta.

Fifi Alvianto, Anneke Scorpy and Hanna Faridl have set up Casa Elana, a shop that specializes in modern jilbab. (JG Photo/Lisa Siregar)
Fifi Alvianto, Anneke Scorpy and Hanna Faridl have set up Casa Elana, 
a shop that specializes in modern jilbab. 
(Photo credit: JG Photo/Lisa Siregar, via The Jakarta Globe)

In Indonesia, many Muslim women choose to cover their hair with a headscarf, also known as jilbab.

While the decision to wear a hijab can limit women’s options in terms of wardrobe, many young women in Jakarta have been experimenting with fashion options and ways of wearing their hijab with attitude.

Over the past year, many different styles have emerged among the city’s hijab-wearers, including cotton scarves and oversized headbands to accentuate the look. For many women, the symbolic headpiece has become a way to express both their beliefs and their styling abilities.

Read more in The Jakarta Globe.

From what I have noticed, the trends for young generation hijabi, particularly in Jakarta, are casual look with lots of cotton materials and 'drapery'-style clothing:
  • long loose-fitting clothes made of cotton, such as: long cardigan, maxi dresses or jumpsuits, long skirts, bat-wing sleeves, also harem pants and wide/super wide-legged trousers, etc.
  • ninja look-alike headdresses that cover not only your hair, but also your neck and upper bosom. They come in variety materials, from spandex to cotton,
  • cotton shawls (are so popular), wrapped in loose style and mostly are in plain colors or stripes. 
  • big headbands, brooches, necklaces, and also belts, to accessorize the look.
  • greater variety in inner scarves (crossed, layered, accessorized, lace, colorful, etc.)
  • 'tie-dye' motifs on shawls, skirts and dresses, 
  • pleated skirts, tiered skirts,
  • hooded tops,
  • kaftans, for wedding party or other formal occasions.
There are still a lot more pieces and designs, but the ones that are most easy-to-find around are those above.

The immense option for natural fibres, such as cotton, is definitely intended to suit Indonesian climate which materials should be breathable, soft and cool. Also linen and silk are comfortable to wear in tropical climate.

Sometimes, I thought that these hijabi fashionistas look similar, in term of the wardrobe pieces they wear. On the other hand, the looks are different in a way of 'mix-and-match' and how they wrapping and accessorize their headscarves. On wrapping headscarf, these girls are so creative! :)

But, like Coco Chanel said, "fashion fades, only style remains the same", the trends will change and only your style left! So, wear what is comfortable for you that can also expresses your personality.. :)

What fashion trends going in your town/city right now? Do you follow the trends? 

Can you describe your own style?

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