Wild Mesh Shawl from Hijab House Australia

Quick Product Review

I just had a gift from Hijab House, Australia. It's a hijab/shawl!

The first thing I love from it is... its print! I've been looking for hijab with this kind of print, the Leopard print... Eventhough it's a very popular print, I don't have one yet until a few weeks ago.. hehe.

It's a square hijab, size: about 120 cm x 120 cm (L). The shawl is a mix of plain hijab and leopard-print soft lace in creme-brown. It looks like two hijabs sewed become one.

The fabric is super soft, cool and breathable. You can wear it through all seasons along the year! :) It's also very easy to wrap.

Really in love with this shawl... it's so comfortable to wear. Two thumbs up for Hijab House for designing this hijab.

It becomes my favorite hijab!

Wild mesh shawl 'in action'! :)

Can't wait to see Hijab House get onlined in the net-sphere.. :) I'm craving to have more pieces of Hijab House collection! The hijab collection are sooo beautiful!

If you don't know yet about Hijab House (HH); Or, if you're curious to see their collection, simply go to their Facebook page here. The wild mesh shawl is in their Style me up! album: the Safari Luxe.

Safari Luxe from HH Facebook's album 'Style me up!'

Note: Unfortunately, the colors of wild mesh hijab I received is a bit different from the picture in their Facebook album. I expected color as showed in the pic on Facebook. You can compare the colors from those pics above. The one from HH Facebook's album is more darker/browner than the one I received in reality. Perhaps it's because of the lighting effect..?? However, I still remain loving this shawl... :)

For this season, the theme of Hijab House's latest collection is Library Chic Look, and their most demanded products until now are the signature abaya, maxi cardigan, and their beautiful flowery two-tones hijabs.

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