Yuna Zarai Brings Her Sound and Hijab-Chic Style to the U.S.

Girls, this time I just want to share what I find lately. My favorite hijab-style fashion icon, Yuna Zarai, performed at the U.S. last night.

Actually in the past few days, there were some posts that I wrote and I wanted to share with you, but somehow, my blogger's draft was always in error and I couldn't publish anything... So, I try again this time, hoping this post can be published.. :)

Check out what I read below:

(Image: Marie Claire)

Petite and stylish, Yuna Zarai scurried onto center stage at Webster Hall last night to play her opening set. While most of the audience members knew the main act, R&B singer Raphael Saadiq, it was the first time many of them heard of the young Malaysian songstress. It was only her second performance ever in NYC.

After taking her place on a stool behind the microphone, she softly tuned her guitar before all the lights — and eyes — were on her. When she looked up, a huge smile formed on her face. "Hello!" she said exuberantly, quickly following up with a girly laugh.

See also the slides of her photo-session and quick interview with the fashion forward site, Refinery29, that show off her unique-chic style, just click here.

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  1. YUNA is always da-bomb!! hahaha..sorry imma huge fan here.. ^^


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