A gray asymmetric tunic sweater

Style Crush I Found

I stumbled upon this wardrobe piece, and I directly fall in love with it.

It's a gray asymmetric tunic sweater from Oh So Chic Boutique. Based on the boutique's site, this item seems to be an old collection and not available anymore.

The design is so unique. What I love is it's a long-sleeved tee that has an excessive cloth at the arms and the bosom area that are, not only look edgy, but also add more "layers".

The color also is my favorite.

Then I browsed the related looks in shopstyle.com. Here's what I found.. interesting wardrobe pieces:

Cashmere short sleeve tunic sweater

Tunic sweater:

Vince-vince cashmere surplice tunic heather cinderAthleta-teeliciousa cropped ruffle wrapAthleta-tadasana tunic
grey tunic sweater-design history swing tunic peppercorngrey tunic sweater-siddhasana scrunch sweatergrey tunic sweater-enza costa cashmere v tunic

Cocoon cozy sweater:

Styles to wear it:

(Image credit: Athleta)

Note: for this cocoon sweater, you better wear it in one size bigger, to avoid a clingy-ness.

These ones below are also fabulous:

Beige asymmetrical cowl neck tunic sweater (from: thisnext)

Asymmetric tee-skirt/tunic:

What do you think of these items?

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  1. I love that tunic sweater - nice shape and color. And whole outfit is very beaitiful, looks very fresh and cozy.


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