Hijabi Fashion Week: Day 5 - Jummah

HFW, June 3, 2011

These are my outfits for Jummah and going to the Mosque.

I wore my basic long-sleeves, black maxidress. On the first outfit, I wore a midcalf-length white dress and off-white cardigan over it, matched with a pearls bracelet, black-and-white rectangle scarf, and my wedged-sandals with white flower-embellishment on each of it.

On the second outfit, I wore a sleeveless, green minidress over the black maxidress, a green rectangle scarf (the same scarf I wore at Day 1 - Work Wear), a pink buckle added on the scarf as an accessories, and a pair of black pumps.

Have a wonderful Jummah, Everyone!!!



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