Hijabi Fashion Week: Day 6 - Vacation / Travel

HFW, June 3, 2011

My outfits for vacation or traveling:

Outfit 1:

  • T-shirt: a simple long-sleeved cotton t-shirt.
  • Skirt: a super light-weight skirt. It dries so quickly when it gets wet. Perfect to be wore to the beach. Underneath the skirt, I was wearing a pair of swimwear leggings, so the legs will stay covered if the skirt was blowing up by the wind or by sea waves.
  • Belt: an elastic coral-white belt, build of small coral-stones.
  • Headscarf: a purple square scarf, folded into rectangle shape, and wrapped in a loose wrap style as Hana of StyleCovered did with her pashmina (click here to watch the tutorial), but I pinned the long-end of the scarf onto my tee (because the rectangle-shape of my scarf is shorter than the usual pashmina), to keep it stay in place.

Outfit 2:
  • Pin-striped shirt
  • Checkered vest with gold buttons at the front
  • White pants
  • Grey square-scarf
  • My favorite black flat shoes..
(Location: Sundak Beach & Taman Sari, Yogyakarta)

Can't wait for another vacation and traveling!

So far, this category of HFW is my favorite. I love all the HFW participants' styles and their photography. The scenery.. the outfits.. all are amazing! They all look so fresh and beautiful!!

Click the image below to see more style inspirations from other Muslimahs.



  1. Assalamu'alaikum sis! I love your vacation outfit! Followed :) Do drop by mine sometime! x


  2. I adore your first outfit allthough i like the two outfits my favourite is the first! I like the skirt, the hijab and the t-shirt! :D

  3. love your floral skirt and blue top! so cute :)


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