Hijabi Fashion Week: Day 7 - Party Hostess

HFW, June 5, 2011

The last day of Hijabi Fashion Week May 2011.

This is an outfit I would wear on a party I hosted.. :)

  • My basic, long-sleeves, black maxidress
  • Sleeveless minidress with studded pockets, wore over the maxi
  • Brown braided leather belt
  • Inner: 'ninja' headdress
  • Flowery-stripes Turkiye square-scarf
  • Red-creme-gold pashmina
  • A long necklace
  • Sparkly black-gold heels
The upcoming party that I can thought of is my son's birthday party at the end of June!! He is really excited and can't wait for his birthday party..

Soo... if you host a party, it's time for you to shine, be yourself, and enjoy your party!

HFW has ended now..

Thank you for visiting my blog, and for all your loving comments. It really means a lot for me... And a big thank you to Em and Asma for all their efforts in organizing this amazing event.

If you haven't got a chance to see all other participants' outfits for all categories in this May HFW, click on the image below, and... GET INSPIRED!

See you on the next HFW!

I'm gonna miss you, HFW! Miss the hectic time when I was preparing photoshoots and the confusion to pick up which photos I would send to you.. but, it was a thrill with pleasure.

Until next time..



  1. wow that's a beautiful hijab masha Allah~! Great outfit too!

  2. Thank you, Shums :)


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