(Not quite) new hijab styles!

Hijab Tutorial: The Flowy Look

At least once a week, I spend a bit of time reading fashion blogs that I love. And then, from it, I usually came across some blogs that I've never seen before.

Today, I stumbled upon Irma's blog, Yes, I'm Irma. She's really got an eye for style. On her blog, she also share some hijab tutorials.

There are two tutorials that really caught my attention. She got these styles from the Hijab Class she took part held by Hijabers Community Jakarta.

I'm so glad she took her time to made these tutorials and share them on her blog. I really really fell in love with the 'natural' and the flowy look of these hijab styles, and I just can't wait to apply it to myself tomorrow! :)

You can see the tutorials:
here for the first hijab style, and
here for the 2nd hijab style.

And this is how it goes on my mannequine.. :)

Hijab tutorial from "Yes, I'm Irma"

Both styles also have a twist ala hana-tajima of stylecovered.. :)

To make these hijab-wrappings, you need:
  • an inner, that cover your hair, neck, and upper bosom, or so-called ninja headdress.
  • a shawl/pashmina; with flowy materials would be better. On the first tutorial, Irma used a reversible two-tones shawl.
  • one brooch for the 1st style; and two pins/brooches for the 2nd style..

Which one do you like most?

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Photos: courtesy of Rania, FashFaith.com)


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  1. Rania, thank you yah, terharu deh,,, hehe :')semoga bermanfaat ya tutorialnya..

  2. Where can I purchase the inner scarf online? I am I the us and its difficult to find here.

  3. To Muslim Butterfly, sorry for my late response.. :) Your comment doesn't appear on my Disqus' Comment Moderation. I read it on my blogger.

    The inner scarf, Ninja headdress, is sold in many hijab stores in Indonesia. But it seems that they do not shipping their products internationally. I also have tried to find stores that sell Ninja headdress online, but I still haven't find it yet. Perhaps you can check 'Claroshop Claro' on facebook and ask whether they ship internationally or not. Or, try the upcoming online shop, http://hijup.com.

    I will write here again (in this comment section) as soon as I find stores that sell it online and do shipping internationally.

    Thank you for visiting, Dear. Hope my information would help. 


  4. Dear Muslim Butterfly,

    I found one online hijab shop on Facebook that sell 'ninja' headdress. It's "Amalia Collections", based in Sydney Australia. Here is the link: http://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?fbid=224063594306099&set=a.165200110192448.31850.100001073800456&type=1&theater.

    If I'm not mistaken, they do sell world wide. You can inbox them via Facebook or email them at: info@amalia-collection.com


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