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Hoodie-attached and the excessive draped-cloth on the side part of the dress/skirt.

Lately in my city, we can see so many girls in hijab wearing a hoodie-attached dress or a hoodie-attached t-shirt. The hoodie can be functioned as a shawl, too.

Also, which is so popular here right now is a dress or a skirt with "wings" (excessive cloth draped on the side part of the dress/skirt).

The colors chosen for these clothes, such as yellow mustard, shocking pink, tosca green, or red maroon, also add a highlight to the outfits.

For most people, especially the young generation, the "wings" (excessive draped-cloth on the side) is something new. But, when recently I explored my mom's wardrobe (^_^), I found one of her vintage dresses also has these kind of "wings".

My Mom's vintage dress

So, actually (like most of you perhaps already know) some trends are only making a cycle, they just 'come-and-go' continually..

What do you think about these kind of clothes? Do you have one?

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  1. Assalaam waliekum. 
    I have not problem with these garments. All Muslimahs should explore different modest options that meet Islamic standards. That means no tightness or flashiness. 
    However judging from the first pic, that sister should lose the belt(it's defining her shape) and her sleeves are too tight along with the back of her garment. The yellow is overwhelming yet insha'allah she added a nice brown scarf across her shoulders; the outfit would work much better. Some may argue that a scarf is a bit too much, but sometimes the accessories help make an outfit. 
    This is a trend that I'm seeing with Muslim women of the younger generation: attempting modesty allows tight clothes; as long as the figure is covered.

  2. Mostly online shop sell those hoodie in free-size sizes. Which is not (for me) not good. As (for me) it's not nice to wear something to tight ;) so I don't have one. yet ;)

  3. It's a great idea to add a nice brown scarf across her shoulder. It will be a good accessory. It will tone down the dress' bright colour and also, at the same time, enhance modesty.

    Thank you for the tips, Dear.. :)

    Ya, I agree that sometimes just a simple accessory can play a great role in outfit-styling. In this case, simply drape one extra shawl/scarf across your shoulder to cover your top outfit if you think your top is "un-modest" (too tight, or transparent, or has a low neckline, or while you are sporting the turban style with your headscarf as it is not cover your neck and bosom, etc.).


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