SixteenR's ways to wear headscarf

Hijab Tutorial

A new video tutorial from showing you how to achieve stylish modern look in a super easy way, featuring SixteenR's new 'Cashmere' scarf from their Fall/Winter 2011 collection designed by Nancy Hoque.

The final look of these three styles in the video are so "in-trend" in Indonesia right now, particularly amongst hijabi fashionistas.. :)

(Courtesy of SixteenR, via youtube)

Previous SixteenR's tutorial on how to wear a scarf as a head or neck scarf in 11 ways :
This video was made in "vintage" style. I feel like I was watching a Charlie Chaplin movie.. :)

Featuring scarves from's collection, styled by Nancy Hoque and modeled by Owranoos Suljuki. (Courtesy of SixteenR, via youtube)

Of course, for Muslimahs who wear hijab, those styles in both videos will only be accomplished by wearing a ninja headdress as an inner-scarf.

Or, if you don't have ninja headdress, you can also try to wear your snugly fitted Al Amira-typed hijab or any tightly fitted 'instant' (= slip-over-the-head, no pins required) hijab as an inner.

*Just a thought and Hijab Styling Tips:

According to my observations on many hijab tutorials and the way many sisters wrap their hijab.. ;p, that to achieve one look, there are so many different hijab-wrapping techniques you can do. So, get creative, Lovelies! If you love someone's hijab look and you do not know how to wrap it, you can always try and find your own ways to achieve that look.

On the other hand, sometimes when we want to achieve different look (or even invent a brand new style), those various hijab-wrappings can not implement it. Eventhough we have tried wrapping the hijab in various delicate ways (twist it to left, twist it to the right, twist it up, twist it down, pin it here, pin it there, tie it up, knot it, etc), the 'final look' end up looks similar with the one that already exist.. :) Not exactly the same, but I just thought that the wrapping did not make any different.

Did you ever think so? Or, is it just a matter of the lacking of creativity? So, the main question or the challenge is how do we make that "the one that already exist"? ;)
Oh yes, several hijab stylistas have successfully done this.

As for the similar 'hijab looks', one thing that could help differentiate each of those similar 'hijab looks' is accessories, whether it is a headband, brooch, ribbon, flower/feather hairclip, etc., even sunglasses. Accessories can really help spicing up the looks and to differ each look one-another.

But, if you just want a simple, casual hijab-wrapping for daily outfit, simply wrap your hijab in a pretty casual look and you do not need to wear accessories (especially if you have already worn a full prints/motifs-ed headscarf, or perhaps just add one or two simple accessories for plain headscarf).

Hmm.. but the most thing I can think of is "it's up to you to choose your hijab styles, go for the easy ones for you to wrap, the ones that you feel comfortable in and feel confident to pull off, the ones that suit your personality"!  ;)

Happy wrappings!

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  1. i prefer the style with covering our breast ;)

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