A sneak peek on creative Jilbab/Abaya Designs..

SilkRoute Jilbab/Abaya Design Competition 2011: Get ready to vote!

Some of you perhaps have submitted your design's sketches for 2011 StyleIn! SilkRoute Jilbab Design Competition. August 1st, 2011 is the last day to submit the design's sketches. After that, you can vote for your favorite design. Your votes also will determine the winner.

So, before you vote, take a peek in the gallery here where you can see all participants' designs.

I have taken my time to look at the gallery, and I was stunned by many amazing designs. You all are so creative! :)

The Jazmina by Antonia from USA is one of my favorites. I love the concept, the usefulness and the practicality of her design. Also, her design reminds me of a kind of jilbab or coat my sister has been looking for.

Have you visit the StyleIn! Competition's gallery? Which one is your favorite?

Or, did you submit your own designs? If you did, please share the link (in StyleIn! gallery) to your design.. here in the comment section, so my lovely readers and I can take a look and vote for your design if we love it.. ^_^



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