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In the past few weeks, I started to organize my closet by color. I tried that kind of closet organization because I've ever read in one blog that organize your closet based on color will make your work to find and styling clothes much more easier.

Before this, I organized my closet by the clothes' type (pants, shirts, blouses). Note that I have a small closet.. :)

After few weeks trying to implement it, these are things I found as the results:
1.  I can found the scarf I need, that match my outfit's color, really easy and super quick.
2.  If, for example, I am in the mood for 'blue' in one particular day, I can find the clothes and the matching scarf in that colour easily.

(Point 1 and 2 above used to be hard for me with my previous 'organized-by-type' closet organization.)

3.  Building outfit based on color mixes alone, sometimes was challenging and fun at the same time.

On the other hand,
4.  I must struggle to find where is the wardrobe piece (based on its type) I want to wear (as a note: my clothes are folded on the cupboard's shelves). It is difficult to find which one is my button-down shirt, which top is my top with long sleeves, which piece is my short-sleeves tee, which one is my vest, which one is my cardigan? I can not distinguish them because I put those wardrobe pieces together according to their color: white with white; black with black, blue with blue, pink with pink, etc; no matter what type of clothes they are.

(Perhaps, I should've hung them up with the hangers instead of having them folded.. )

But, if I put them together according to my previous closet organization, which is by the type of clothes (button-down shirt with button-down shirt, cardigan with cardigan, blouse with blouse, vest with vest, long-sleeved top with long-sleeved top, sleeveless with sleeveless, tee with tee, etc.); either applied to my scarves' organization (rectangle pashmina with rectangle pashmina, square scarves with square scarves, Al-amira type hijab with Al-amira type, etc.), I found that it is not easy to find the color of wardrobe piece or scarf I need to wear at that time to match the color of the outfit I already picked/worn.

As a Muslim women who wear hijab, it also needs double effort in the outfit styling, as we also wear headscarves. We need, not only to mix-and-match our clothes, but we also need to match (or, in some cases, it would be better to "clash" ^_^) our headscarf with the outfit we wear.

As for shoes, bags, and accessories, I already keep them organized, not by any particular distinguish-ment, I just display them line-by-line in an open cupboard's shelves or racks, and (this is important for me) keep them easy-to-be-seen. It nearly looks like this:
Image via Alkemie

All pieces should be easy-to-look-at for my eyes, because if not, I will forget if I am having them.. :)

Particularly for jewelries and belts, I hang them up with a clothes-hanging tools on my bedroom's wall.

And, as for hijab pins and brooches, I put them in the jewel box.

In regards to my problem on closet organization above, I have been just wondering and googling what is the best solution for my closet organization's problem, and I stumbled upon blog and found this well-organized closet picture that might be the best solution for me:
Image via Alkemie

So, it would be better for me to start organizing my closet like this:
  1. Keep things organized by garment-type or by application, and then
  2. Put them in order by color: from light hue, dark hue, to full-prints.
  3. Hang the clothes by hangers, so you can see the garment's design and details easily when you want to wear a particular piece without open up their folding.

According to AlreadyPretty Blog, there are several ways to sort your wardrobe:
  • by the garment type
  • by occasion
  • by application
  • by frequency of use
  • and, by color. 
You can read the details about it here, and in my opinion, sorting out the clothing by application along with ordering them by color is the one that is most useful to hijabi.

How about you, Lovelies? How do you organize your closet? Do you have advices, suggestions, or ideas on how to organize our wardrobe, especially for a small closet.. ;) Please share with us what works for you..

Style tips: Keep your fashion items well-organized, because keeping your wardrobe organized really can help improve your style! :)

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  1. Grat post1 :) very interesting, I wish I had a very big wardrobe but I can't :( I organice my wardrobe in tipes of clothes and then in colours, so I can know where is everithing, and my hijabs? I bought ahanger for them from Ikea :D

  2. nice post to Best source for tips on how to declutter and organize our home important it is to declutter our home
    declutter the house

  3. Tiananda WidyariniOctober 3, 2011 at 9:29 PM

    Aha! I waaant that wardrobe in the last picture! It must be easy to find anything, AND no need to iron our clothes again (normally we ironed our clothes, fold it, get it into wardrobe, and iron it again when we want to wear it)
    But normally that kind of wardrobe uses big space in room and my room isn't that big hahahahah

  4. The same with me, Tia! I want that wardrobe too, but there is no enough space in my room..haha.. :D

  5. Thank you for sharing, Laila.. :)


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