Be careful on what you choose to wear: the skin-hued legging/tee

Fashion False for Hijabi

I like to observe people's style, especially their street-styles. In regard to that, I sometimes found interesting things about their style that I used to analyze in my mind then conclude it for myself, whether it was good or not good (according to my own opinion).

Once, in the past few weeks, I stumbled upon some sisters' looks, and found things which I thought they were one of the fashion falses for hijabi. One of the things is:

Wear a skin-hued legging under a mini or midi skirt/dress.

Unfortunately the pic is blur, so the detail is missing.

When I saw them or looked at their pictures from a distance, it looked like they did not wear anything to cover their legs. The legging looked like their own skin, and this is a weird look for hijabi.

The same also apply when I saw a hijabi wearing a skin-hued long-sleeved tee under a tank-top or under a halter-neck top.

I am not saying that this is not right, but these kind of looks are weird for hijabi, especially with the headscarf "on".

Hijab styling tips: Choose on so many colors to wear (for your layering leggings/tee) other than the one that have the same hue with our skin tone.

So, be careful with the wardrobe pieces you choose to wear, unless you want to end up look like a desperate hijabi... ;) When we put things on our body, it shouldn't be just an action of layering and layering as an effort to cover up.. but the pieces we wear should "flow smoothly" as a whole united fabulous outfit! 

One of the gist of Hijab Fashion is how we smartly combine various pieces of wardrobe to be one whole (not just) sophisticated, (but also) modest outfit. And, as a hijabi, we know that to be "in" in this challenging fashion world, it takes double efforts for us to do that.. 

But, let's enjoy! ;)

What did you think about it?

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  1. omg,this is so dangerous.
     maybe some culture shock hijabi will wear it :P

  2. I agree with what the writer is saying. I have seen some girls who cover and wear skin colored tights or shirts and many people, including myself, do double takes at them because we immediately think that they are not wearing anything to cover themselves. It's really awkward for other hijabi sisters and I'm guessing it probably is for the girl wearing such a confusing/odd outfit combination. There are sooo many colors available in tights and shirts to wear under tanks, we can easily keep the nudes and skin tones for our trendy shoes and bags! Why would you want to make it LOOK like you're not wearing anything??


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