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Today, Fashioning Faith brings you an exclusive interview with the head designer and founder of ZEENA Clothing Line, Bayan Jondy. Along with her sister, Amany Jondy, she designs this demure women's clothing line and oversees the manufacturing, marketing, fulfillment, and customer service. They have launched Zeena's spring line in February, followed by Zeena's summer line in June. Early in this month they launched Zeena's latest collection, the fall line.

Read on the quick 'Questions and Answers' with Bayan Jondy below to find out more about Zeena:

Rania: What is Zeena and how did it begin?

Bayan Jondy: Zeena is a boutique women's clothing line, available exclusively at simplyzeena.com. Zeena means 'natural beauty' and our clothing line strives to enhance the natural beauty every woman possesses in a stylish yet demure way. Zeena started with designing clothes for myself because I could not find what I was looking for at traditional department stores and boutiques. Along the way, I received lots of feedback from my family and friends. I didn't realize how many other women had the same problem I was having. The response was so overwhelmingly positive it gave me confirmation that there was an underserved segment of the fashion market for me to tap into.

Rania: What was the inspiration behind Zeena?

Bayan Jondy: The inspiration behind Zeena was my passion to be fashionable & demure both at the same time, and the lack of alternatives at established retail outlets. I love styles that are chic, sophisticated & detailed, and I am now able to incorporate those elements into my designs. I design floor length skirts & long shirts that do not require slips, layering &/or cover ups.

Rania: What style and types of clothing are you looking to provide through Zeena?

Bayan Jondy: Today, Zeena offers an array of styles & designs: shirts, skirts, scarves, wraps, accessories & jewelry, both casual & dressy. So far, we have launched spring, summer, and fall lines, in an effort to keep up with the latest trends and offer our customers a greater selection. We plan on expanding our designs & products season after season to ensure our customers are fully satisfied.

Zeena gray cotton wrap.
Zeena purple hydrangea satin silk scarf.

Rania: What has been the biggest challenge you've faced so far in setting up your brand?
Bayan Jondy: The biggest challenge thus far has been marketing Zeena. Hopefully this interview will help! The fashion space is crowded, and new designers are always coming out. More often than not, they don't stick with it and focus on marketing instead of their product. We've taken the opposite approach - focusing on our products for two years before we even started marketing heavily. That has enabled us to deliver high-quality and affordable products, and has set us up to keep delivering them season after season.

Rania: Tell us more about your new Fall collection.

Bayan Jondy: Our new Fall collection is definitely chic. Small details with soft colors on every design give each piece style and comfort. For the first time, we've added suits, which are of course a must have for every working woman. This season's inspiration was based on staple pieces that every woman needs in her closet.

The Looks from Zeena's latest Fall collection:

Rania: When and where can we purchase your designs?

Bayan Jondy: The Fall, Summer, and Spring collections are all available now via our online store at www.simplyzeena.com!

Rania: Thank you for your time, and I wish you all the best with Zeena.

To see more of Zeena collection and to find out styling advice and ideas on how to mix-and-match outfit from Zeena Team (such as in the picture below:),
Outfit styling from Zeena's facebook page: A simple & sophisticated fall look! (featuring Zeena emerald green gather appeal shirt).

You can join Zeena facebook page here, or follow their updates via twitter: @SimplyZeena.

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