Latest Designs in Headscarf

New Headscarf-Looks.

As long as I know, there are new designs in headscarf lately. Few of them that I noticed are from Rabia Z. and Maysaa collection.

1. Rabia Z.

Rabia Z. has launched two new designs in headscarf. The designs are called: Rabia Z. signature gathered-top jersey sheyla and Rabia Z. signature gathered-cowl-neck jersey sheyla.

I really want these sheyla so bad.. but, they are just too pricy for me ;)

Here are the looks of the signature sheylas/shawls:

The Rabia Z. Signature Gathered-top Jersey Sheyla.

This shawl/sheyla in action:
AW11Look 25.jpg
Rabia Z. Autumn/Winter 2011

The Signature Gathered-Cowl-Neck Jersey Sheyla.
AW11Look 11.jpg
Rabia Z. Autumn/Winter 2011
AW11Look 2.jpg
Rabia Z. Autumn/Winter 2011
(Photos: Courtesy of Rabia Z.)

If you want to get your hands on this sheylas, you can buy them online through Rabia Z.'s FB shopping store. It is under Shop The Collection tab.

And here is the link to see all Rabia Z.'s signature hijab/sheyla/headscarf designs from the past (2007 to present). Which one is your favorite?

Besides Rabia Z. collection, one online hijab shop that I know also sells this kind of scarf/sheyla is Amalia Collection which is based in Sydney, Australia. They call their design of this sort of shawl: Hot Turban Style shawl. The fabric is cotton jersey.

In colour: matte brown.

These shawls also come in thin cotton fabric (or in Indonesia, we used to call this fabric: Paris) with Leopard prints on it:
(Photos: Courtesy of Amalia Collection)

You can see their colletion of these shawls here on their facebook page.


Maysaa (with the designer, Hana Tajima-Simpson) also launch their new collection in headscarf. It is not really a brand new one, but it was a new production of the past Maysaa signature chiffon scarf snood.

This scarf have been famous for its distinctive design and its sophisticated-edgy look. Here are the new production of this scarf snood:

Satin wrap band snood
Chiffon scarf snood
(Photos: Courtesy of

You can shop the snood here.

Do you know any other new designs in headscarf? Please share with us here..

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  1. sadly i find it very hard to change my hijab styles and do it every couple of
    but these designs are amazing and i see my self coming out of my shell to try them..

  2. Why don't you use the small picture sizes at the starting of the posts, so they will become the thumbnail picture of the post. i also tried that kind of template, but later i removed that and tried the simple one from the blogger, because the larger pictures became distorted automatically when chosen and the thumbnail pic. so use the smaller will give an elegant look. well don't mind. Blog is great. You can also checkout my blog.

  3. You should try to do that sometimes.. If you get the "right" style for you it will give you a fresh, new look that will influence your feeling and rise up your good mood... ;)


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