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Recently I had been emailed by Hala Absi, the founder of Bokitta. If you do not know yet about Bokitta, let me introduce you to this interesting clothing line which cater for hijab-wearing Muslim women.

According to their introduction to me, Bokitta is a new international brand for Lebanon-based hijab design house. It is known for its quality innovative garments produced with style and lots of colors.

The name 'Bokitta' was came from by combining the word "bouquet", meaning an arrangement, and added the "itta" to refer to the lady. So Bokitta meant to be the 'bouquet of colors', an arrangement of matching, bright and colorful scarves and clothing for hijabis.

Right now they have two stores in Lebanon: one in Beirut Mall and another in Saida Mall.

One of their fashion invention lately is the new patented Voila! (came from the word "voile", "veil", meaning veil). It is a stylish pre-wrapped ready-to-wear scarf (so, Voila! means the ready veil). "Voila! scarves was made from selected fabrics and designed with special attention to cultural and fashion styles", said Hala.

Put these scarves on is so easy; No more hassle in wrapping scarves and no pins required.

Check the video below to see Bokitta's stunning Voila! scarves in action:

Along with Voila! scarves, they have developed the matching concepts brand of shirts, bodies, and skirts.

For more information about Bokitta Clothing Line, you can check out their interviews with Hijab Style and Hijab Trendz's blog here; And, see all their collection on facebook or on their website: www.bokitta.com.

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