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Continue from my latest post about the black-and-white stripes (matched with a bright, floral Spring style) as a Spring Fashion Trend from the 10 Crosby Derek Lam Spring 2012, I would like to share my finds recently on this trend. I stumbled upon two girls who pull off this trend fabulously.

The first look that caught my eyes is from Tokyo Fashion (August, 2011) which featured this young girl, named Sagano, on the street in Harajuku. She was stand out for the contrast of her outfit; a bright red lipstick matched by the red apple-shaped handbag and the red platforms of her heels, paired with a patchwork skirt, and contrasted with a black-and-white striped button-up top.

The second look is from Indonesia fashion icon in the world of Muslimah Fashion, Dian Pelangi. Not only sporting and styling her own hijab style fabulously on her blog, The Merchant Daughter, she is also a young fashion designer specializing in tie-dye technique. The look I found below was on the latest post in her blog. She styled up a black-and-white striped maxi dress with a bright yellow-mustard cardigan and a printed headscarf in the same hue with the cardigan.

 (Photo credit: Tokyo Fashion and The Merchant Daughter)

Will you try out this style?

You can try with other floral prints and other bright colours, such as tosca green, coral, fuchsia, pink, orange, or even neon/cobalt blue.

Styling tips: To pull off this style successfully, remember to keep your accessories (bag, shoes, jewelries) in the same hue and stay within the same color family as the floral-printed one; Or, keep the accessories in fairly neutrals or nude colors (such as: grey, khaki, beige/cream, light brown, navy blue, white, or black) to keep everything together and look coordinated without too matchy. At last, the most important thing you need is be confident.. to make this style work for you.. :)




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