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Good Day, Lovelies!  How is your day?

This past week has been a hectic one for me. Busy with my two sick sons (but now they have fully recovered), busy with my relatives who visited our house, and busy with neighbours whom I gave a hand to in regards to the wedding event they held in their house (here in my area, after the Eid, usually many people got married).

And, it is a common thing or a tradition we do here, in my village, that when a neighbour held an event in their house, such as a wedding ceremony, an "aqiqah/qurban" for welcoming new-born baby, a funeral, "pengajian" (a Qur'an recitation), etc., all the surrounding neighbours must "give a hand" as long as they could to the 'event-holder'ed family/neighbour (the host) in preparing the event. It is called "rewang" in Javanese language, means "to help, or helpful to each other".

During all of these, I still could manage my time to visit my blog and search the web. So, these are what I found during the past week.. Not many, yet interesting and inspiring, thus I would love to share with you.

Style tips from @mystylequicktip's tweet:
“Try to have fun with what you wear, but rotate in some classics.” - Jennifer Tilly
(read here for more style tips from her).

A great fashion advice from the founders of Visual Therapy, Joe Lupo and Jesse Garza:
"On the Couch with Visual Therapy's Joe Lupo and Jesse Garza"
In this article, Joe Lupo and Jesse Garza, define the difference between STYLE and FASHION, and why you need to define your own style. Find out also what their shopping advice on fashion and trend-tips for this Fall/Winter.

Great style tips by Kristina J., the guest writer on ClothedMuch:
"How to Style Your Maxi for Cooler Weather"

(Click the title to read.)

My favorite quotes of the day:

"The minute you stop making mistakes is the minute you stop learning." – Miley Cyrus

"You must do the thing which you think you cannot do." - Eleanor Roosevelt

All of these tips and quotes really inspired me and have made my day...

Just a little story from me:
Recently, finally I've been mastering a car-driving skill (hmm.. not really a real Master definitely.. hehe.. and pleeeeeaaaase... don't laugh at me, okay?). Yes, I just had a skill and a gut to drive a car. For my age, perhaps this is too late, and for that, I feel very embarrassed.

Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos
But, on the other hand, this is really a big achievement for me, and I'm proud of myself, because I thought I would never ever could drive a car.

Before, I was too scared and did not have a bravery to do that. I was hit by a motorcycle when I was a little girl, and my leg broke because of it. After that experience, even crossing the streets was so fearful for me. Now, it's different. It is amazing how we change...

So, when I found those two quotes, I realized how 'true' the quotes are.. That is exactly what I have been struggling on... to try to do things that I think I can not do and do my best to not become discouraged or dishearten if, during the learning process, I do mistakes.

Psst.. and here is another thing that I think I cannot do but I wish I can do it well... It's speaking in front of public.. haha :)

Okay then... Hope you enjoy all I shared with you as much as I do.
Have a wonderful days, Lovelies!

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