Breaking the Rules: Checkered with checkered

Hijabi Fashion Week Nov 2011 - Day 3
Theme: Break the Rules

Usually, in daily life, I do not wear an outfit with "too much" motifs or prints, especially if the outfit also be in various colors.

Today, for Hijabi Fashion Week's Break the Rules theme, I broke up my own fashion rule.. I tried to pair check pattern with check pattern in several different colors... thing that I've never done before.

Here is the picture of the outfit.. I was sporting two-toned checkered blazer (red-white and black-white check pattern), with checkered vintage minidress in dark blue and black:

Blazer by Philip, Yogyakarta.

(Photos: Copyright © Rania)

What do you think of this?
Did I succeed breaking the rule stylishly? Or, did I ruin the outfit?... hahhaha.. :D
(ohh.. I forgot to mention that this didn't include the mask I held...)

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  1. Assalaam waliekum. That blazer made the whole outfit go south. The mask looks better on the outfit than that blazer. The blue plaid tunic (it's the centerpiece of the outfit) works great with the black pants and gray hijab; it looks very smart and casual/office. I would try to pair the gingham jacket with a white or red or blue tunic/dress. 

  2. I love print on print. I think this is totally great. I don't really like "fashion rules". They stifle true style and creativity.


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