Fresh Fun for Friends

Hijabi Fashion Week Nov 2011 - Day 7
Theme: Going Out with Friends

What did I mostly do when I was out with friends? Eating, talking, and window shopping!... haha :)

Here's the outfit I wore while going out with friends (and also my Aunties) to the 'Handbag & Furniture' shop:

(Photo: Copyright © Rania)

A fresh-colored outfit and doing fun activities with friends for the Day 7's theme.

Well, this is the final look for Hijabi Fashion Week (HFW) November 2011. Hope you enjoy and get inspired seeing all styles from all HFW's participants.

See you on the next HFW, Lovelies!

Want to see more styles of HFW - Day 7 from other participants? Click on the badge below:



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