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I've been following this modest-sportswear Brand since a long time ago, when "the team" behind this brand was still developing their designs and products (I filled in the survey they made when they were still in a pre-designing stage of their products), up until now when they are ready to launch their products.

In my opinion, Friniggi sports wears are great and promising. According to their information, the products' details, and the pictures of the products they sent to me through emails, this Islamic workout-clothes they have are performance oriented.
The garments are:
  • breathable
  • moisture-wicking
  • light-weight
  • Islamically modest
  • fuss free, no layering required
  • allows for freedom of movement

Stay comfortable, cool & dry in friniggi
moisture management tops.

Choking in your amira hijab? 
The friniggi sports hijab comes in 6 different sizes designed for comfort. And modesty.

As for the tops,
Friniggi Sports Tops are made from moisture management fabric that wicks sweat away from the body. Lightweight and breathable, it dries quickly too. 
Featured item: Pioneer 203
Featured item: Pioneer 403
(Images: Courtesy of Friniggi Sportswear)

Compare with wearing a cotton tee for sports, even though it is comfortable and cool, but it is not suitable for high-intensity physically-active exercise, such as soccer or running.

Cotton absorbs heat and moisture; this is not good when what you need is to stay cool and dry. It also absorbs all the sweat we produce while exercising, and this will make our clothing heavier. This is what we do not want to while doing 'full-of-sweat' high intensity exercise.

And for the head-covering, according to their site, the Friniggi Sports Hijabs are lightweight, moisture-wicking and come in six different sizes to ensure the 'fit'ness and 'comfort'ness. Also, they are designed as one piece in compact shape (so, no pins required), no alien-head/scuba diver look, and specialized cut to cover chest (it's a good news for you who want your hijab covers your chest on top of the clothing you're wearing). 

The thoughts behind this brand:
Friniggi Sportswear is all about sport and modest Muslim women, especially is dedicated for the Western Muslim woman whether she was born and raised in the west or is ethnically western, where usually the environment is not "hijabi-friendly". The West usually doesn't have women-only facilities like Muslim-oriented countries do.

Friniggi Sportswear is focused on improving "these women" 's athletic performance in a stylish, modest way.

The Friniggi Sportswear's online store is due to open on March 1st, 2012. But right now, they are already taking pre-orders from December 5th, 2011, to January 15th, 2012.

If you interested, go to to place your pre-order, or simply take a look at their lovely collection in several designs and colors.. :)

So, what do you think of this sportswear?

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