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Hijabi Fashion Week Nov 2011 - Day 4 
Theme: Vacation/Destination

If... I could go to anywhere in the world for a vacation or as an ideal destination that I'd love to be in, I would go to Europe and New Zealand.


Because... those countries are like fairy tales for me who was born and live in tropical country. I want to experience the difference.. Feel the different nature, weather, and culture. Also, I want to feel how it likes to be in the 'four seasons' countries. I want to see their beautiful nature-scenery and the magnificent old buildings they have. I want to taste the dishes and the local fruits... Watch the people and their street styles.

And, if I arrive during Winter, I would love to see and play with the snow.. Ohh.. and there's one more thing that can't be more exciting, is that I could be creative with my outfits using all the layering stuffs!

Here is the outfit I would wear to reach my dreamed destination:

With the sunglasses and a light-weight maxi dress I worn, surely I should go in Spring/Summer time of those countries...

(Photos: Copyright © Rania) 

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  1. Assalaam waliekum. I like how you got a very beautiful shape going. The dress is nice long then you pair it with a cute short jacket. So an empire look is created and you look much slimmer and elegant. Now I would recommend leaving the belt out because it is not needed and it's distracting. 

  2. Thank you for your lovely comment and advice, Fujitsubohime. I really appreciate it.. :)

    And, it's really nice to read all your feedbacks.. makes me re-think of my posts and learn something. It means a lot to me. Thank you.

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